Why Small Business does need SEO?

Whenever anyone gets online or open up the google or nay search tool your expectations go your name to come up on the top of the search page. Right? Either you a small business unit or big, you need your website link on top. Google has changed the searching tools a bit. Still google has top priority of people for searching something on web. W can’t forget yahoo, bing and msn. They are in the game as well.

The percentage of the total searches on the search engines are mostly the local searches and most of these searches are of small businesses. However the search could be done on any keyword but the chances of getting found are higher if proper SEO key phrases are chosen. SEO brings lead generation and it acts like “mayonnaise on the cheese burger”. All you need to do is to choose what size burger are you going to have? So it is all about content marketing and building back links to enhance your product on top searches.


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