Role of Content in Digital Marketing

Today, the internet is a crucial part of everyone’s life. It is genuinely a medium of mass media. Frankly, there is barely anything that cannot leverage the reach of the internet. In the wake of this, digital marketing has emerged exponentially for more than a decade now. With the penetration of internet across all demographics; organizations across divergent domains are leveraging the reach of the internet for marketing benefits. Digital marketing provides a much higher ROI since the reach is far more than any other medium. According to the latest report, an average person spends 6 hours and 30 minutes on the Internet every day. The data is proof that digital media utilization is rising, and on-demand content is the next big thing on the internet.

Where Does Content Fit?
Content is the salvation of the internet and the heartbeat of any successful digital marketing campaign. Possibly, everything on the internet is in some form of ‘content’ – blogs, articles, images, videos, podcasts and more. The emergence of content on the internet has indeed led to huge opportunities for brands. Everything a potential user searches on the internet will be returned by some form of – ‘content’. An article about a product, a review of a service, an ad copy and even a social media post and comments that follow them – all of them are ‘content’.

Reasons Why Content is so vital in Digital Marketing
Content is considered the backbone of any digital campaign. It is the lifeline of the internet, and everyone utilizes content despite not knowing that it’s ‘content’. Google displays exact results upon returning a search is because of highly optimized and relevant content. YouTube videos, tweets, articles including the comments that follow – everything is imperative ‘content’.
Content strategy in a digital marketing campaign fulfills two important objectives – SEO (ranking on SERP) and Thought Leadership (subject matter experts). Everything else is loosely a subcategory of these two.

Content empowers content marketing to achieve rankings on SERP and drive thought leadership.
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