Benefits of AMP for Your Website

AMP is a new open source move that stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. In a nutshell, AMP is meant to enhance the web browsing experience by decreasing page load times. We all know that Google is receptive about page load time, and even uses it as a ranking factor. Having your web pages load in the shortest possible time should be one of your top priorities for both UX and SEO. The standard timeframe is a 2 second load time. For mobile pages, the expectations of Google are much higher when it comes to load time. Your website needs to load fast. Here are a few of the most exciting benefits of AMP:

1. It decreases website load time
According to a study from Google, 53% of website visits are stranded if a mobile site takes longer than 3 seconds to load. AMP has a set of standards which all put up to decreased page load time. A few of these guidelines include asynchronous JavaScript, elements sized statically (such as images and ads), only inline CSS, etc. Page load times have been shown to have a great influence on traffic and user engagement and are always a very crucial measurement for site owners to be monitoring.

2. Improved SEO
As the web becomes increasingly mobile, it is important for publishers to take a look to their search rankings beyond the desktop browser. Because page load time is already a factor in SEO, and since this initiative is being governed by Google, AMP pages will eventually be prioritized in their search algorithms and have a positive effect on SERPs. Even the top SEO company in Delhi NCR will guide you the same.

3. Low bounce rate
A positive effect of faster loading pages is that your visitors are less likely to leave. Publishers who execute AMP should see a decreased bounce rate and most likely overall increased time spent on site stats.

4. The prospect for increased ad views
Because the HTML is coded in a way to improve the overall utilization of banners and images, there should be a higher ad visibility rate, hopefully also increasing a publisher’s ability to monetize their website.


AMP is young in its acceptance and as more sites continue to roll out their own versions, we’ll start to see more data and be able to better evaluate the benefits. In the meantime, it is a good practice to stay updated and keep ahead of the curve so when AMP becomes more mainstream, you are ready to implement it.


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