What is Pay Per Click and SEO its Importance.

The tech industry is in boom but why the success rate is so low. A person once said to me “hundreds companies start every day and hundreds close every day, you need not be different but make sure your services should be such which makes you different.” And that’s the silver inning. Whatever the big business size be, corporate want to make their presence felt in the web world, and they will reach a company which is not only innovative, but places it customers at top. And to be at the top, one has to have good traffic, it is game of the clicks.

What is the ‘fassad’ behind these clicks? PPC or pay per click is an internet advertising model, which generates traffic to websites. In this model the advertiser pay the website owner if the ads published in their webpage gets clicked. The rates vary according to traffic. Websites displays these sponsored ads when a query of certain user matches their keyword lists. It is where the role of SEO or Search Engine Optimization comes in..

SEO is a technique which helps to increase number of visitors to a website by obtaining high placement in search engines – Google, Yahoo, Bing amongst others. The placement of site is important for directing more traffic as people generally tend to visit first few sites placed in search result.

So if your business is about to foray in the virtual world or you have been here from a long time and still don’t appear in first few pages in any search engine, then it is time to revisit or switch your Pay Per Click and SEO development company. There a lot of software companies in India who offers such services. TechCentrica offer such services too. We are one of the known names in SEO, Pay Per Click Development and ORM Company in Noida/ Delhi NCR.


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