How Digital Marketing Has Changed Customer’s Perception?

Customer’s awareness or perception is one of the crucial factors that determine the success of a business. It is the observation of the customer that makes any product or business a ‘brand’, hence for every business, it is essential to comprehend the perception of the customer before formulating any marketing plan.

These days digital or online marketing has surpassed the effectiveness of offline marketing. Though billboards and other display advertisements are still trending, the efficacy of digital marketing is unmatched. It is quite common among customers to personally verify or check the feedback or rating of the service/product before purchasing it. Earlier, this verification was being done through personal contacts and visit at the stores, but these days’ customers have the internet to gather the information about the service or the product. This is the reason that almost all companies are now hiring digital marketing experts to strengthen their online presence. Digital marketing also gives the opportunity to a business to connect with a large number of customers together.

From customer’s end, digital marketing platforms like social media platforms and company’s business website, act as the place to contact directly with the seller. Customers can post their reviews and feedback on these platforms to let the organization know about their perception. The companies that respond immediately and efficiently to the customer’s feedback are able to create awareness among the customers and they also contribute towards building their own brand image.

Digital marketing is a revolution in the field of creating brand image and developing competitive advantage. Keeping this in mind, Techcentrica has emerged as a leading digital marketing firm. With its vision to create a place where every business or every brand is a ‘Star’ in its own scope, Techcentrica is providing assistance to business of every size!


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